The golf course is picture perfect at the moment.  Fairways are green and the putting greens have recovered well from their recent coring and sanding BUT it is evident that members are regular offenders not doing enough to repair damage made to greens and fairways.  Everyone likes divot free fairways and smooth greens.

THE COURSE NEEDS YOUR HELP to keep it in good playing condition. 

HOW can you help? 
1.  Repair any pitch marks on the green.  As you walk to your ball, look around the area where it landed and repair any damage you find.

  1. Always carry a sand bucket and repair your divots both on the tees and on the course.

Please watch these two short videos which will show you how to quickly repair divots and pitch marks.

Pitch marks


If you would like a copy of the DVD  “10 Minutes to a Better Course” ask our Golf Manager.