The World Handicapping System (WHS) is an initiative that the R&A and United States Golf Association (USGA) have been working on together with golf’s major handicapping authorities.  Golf Australia (GA) is one of the organisations that has been integrally involved.

The components of the WHS have now been finalised and the R&A and USGA have commenced the process of inviting all national associations in the world to adopt the new global system.  At this stage it appears likely that every other major country will adopt the WHS.  The R&A and USGA have requested that GA respond to the WHS invitation by mid-January 2018, and the GA Board will make its decision within this timeframe.

The GA Handicapping & Rules Policy Committee has analysed the handicapping changes that would apply in Australia and it is proposing that GA adopt the new system.  (The GA Chairman, CEO, and Rules & Handicapping Director are amongst the members of this committee.)

Attached are two documents that set out information on how the WHS would operate in Australia – one is a list of all the components of the WHS, and the second is a Q&A for those who want more information.  These documents have been considered by Golf NSW, Golf NT, Golf Queensland, GolfSA, Golf Tasmania, Golf Victoria, GolfWA, and the Board of Golf Management Australia – all of these entities endorse GA’s proposed direction of adopting the WHS.

Before the GA Board makes its final decision on the WHS, it now provides all clubs with a four-week period within which to send feedback.  There is no obligation whatsoever on anyone to provide comment.  However we are very mindful that clubs are at the coalface of handicapping and any themes of feedback will be closely considered before a final direction is determined.

The feedback period will conclude on Thursday 14 December.  Feedback should be directed to the following email address –

WHS – Full set of regulations for Australia (16-11-2017)

APPENDIX. Q&A – What the WHS would mean for Australian clubs and golfers (16-11-2017)