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All golfers strive for the Holy Grail of golf (a hole in one).  Actuaries have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1.

At GLGC, 97 holes in one have been aced by 86 golfers.
Tony Wood leads the way with three aces – 1 July 2000 on the (165m) 5th, 14 May 2008 on the (190m) 3rd and 2 September 2013 on the 5th again.  
Four other members have scored two aces: 
James Franklin 19 August 2007 & 30 May 2012 both on the short (135m) 17th 
Leon Carter 11 May 2002 on the 17th & 1 May 2013 on the long (192m) 11th
Rick Bowen 8th Aug 2009 on the 17th & 12th Aug 2015 on the 11th
Adele Douglas 30 March 2016 on 5th & 28 Feb 2018 on the 17th

View the GLGC Register of Holes-in-One @ 20180310 for all the details.